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Welcome to KIGG

KIGG is a leading British ISO 9001:2015 certified company with its core expertise in the fields of Electricity Meter Factory Start Up projects.
Within this area of expertise, the KIGG team can offer individual bespoke programmes including :

Large Scale Project Management

Financial and Economic analysis

Asset Acquisition and Management

Engineering and Technical Support

Training and Personal Development

Research and Development Management and Oversight

Niche Design and Product Development Services

Knowledge Transfer and Partnership arrangements

Factory Start Ups

KIGG enables and supports investors and clients to establish their own business by providing them all the expertise for their factory start-up. KIGG can provide complete turnkey projects, factory upgrades and smart metering technology transfers. KIGG offer a range of services including feasibility studies, OEM supplies, electricity meter testing equipment, inspection and quality control services.


consultancy, consulting, Smart product consulting

Originating in the field of consultancy KIGG staff have over 40 man years field experience, providing top quality outcomes for clients in Project Management, Project Engineering and Product / System Design & Development.

Specialising in the fields of Smart Meters, Smart Grid and AMI, KIGG’s experience includes:

  • Smart Meter Design
  • AMI System Architecture
  • Telecommunication System Architecture
  • Cyber Security
  • Sub-Station Automation issues including many aspects of IEC 61850

These services have been carefully developed through working closely with clients across the World, and particularly in the Middle and Far East regions. In order to maintain the highest product standards, KIGG has in house facilities for full reliability prediction in accordance with IEC 62059-41 (2003): Electricity metering equipment – Dependability-Reliability prediction, with KEMA verification if required. KIGG also has its own in house testing and calibration facilities including a 20 position Single and Three phase ICT test console and a 0.01% Comparator.

Bespoke IoT Products and Services

KIGG offers its development skills to clients in order to create branded products. Our developments for clients include sub-meters to MID standards; Money handling systems from stand alone coin operated devices through to secure, networked Smart Card systems.

We also produce High Level Training Aids for Universities and Colleges including Wireless and Mobile SCADA and Digital Measurement and Control Devices.

Our skills cover all the major wireless offerings, including Zigbee, WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G and very low power RF, all of which can be integrated into client systems to facilitate Internet connectivity.

Training & Development

KIGG is able to offer a wide range of training, such as :-

  • Introductory and advanced smart meter techniques
  • Smat Grid systems, together with telecommunication architectures and Technical Aspects of IEC61850
  • Data Management Techniques and Large Scale, Multi-Tariff Billing Systems
  • System operation and maintenance
  • Anti energy-theft techniques

With offices, factories and partners across Europe, Middle East, China, South East Asia, North Africa and India, KIGG work and support clients globally, with extensive experience of requirements across these markets.