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KIGG Remote Monitoring

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Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring covers a wide range of applications—from building monitoring, to fuel stock levels, to monitoring grazing animals and automotive applications. With our technology knowledge and experience, we can integrate sophisticated systems that provide remote monitoring and control for your needs.



Carbon Monoxide




PH level


Microwave Radar (motion)

GPS location trackers

Air Pollutants


Greenhouses and Polytunnels

Proper environmental conditions are required for optimal plant growth and health. If the mixture of temperature, humidity, and light are imbalanced, crops can be lost or growth significantly impaired. Wireless sensor monitoring helps farmers, gardeners and managers of commercial and retail greenhouses monitor and manage the conditions in their facility.
Our remote system can send alerts to your device if conditions fall outside of optimal ranges, allowing you to make changes either remotely through our control system or manually, depending on your requirements.

Musuems, Galleries and Historical Buildings




Monitoring holiday homes and rental properties can be difficult due to limited access, having several properties spread across a variety of locations or perhaps they are not even in the country.
Using remote monitoring is a great way to keep an eye on properties for peace of mind. Whether its measuring humidity levels to help manage the issue of damp—or what is more often the case, problems with condensation and ventilation—or monitoring the temperature, which could fluctuate due to a problem with the heating or a draft, our system will be a great benefit for property and building management.

Public Spaces and Places of Work

Whether its for security and control or for comfort and experience, using wireless sensors and monitoring are a key factor in the management of public spaces and workplaces.
PIR or Microwave Radar sensors are ideal for security monitoring during closing down or closed periods. You can remotely monitor and track where motion is being detected for accurate and co-ordinated security. In addition to motion we have also successfully used Co2 sensors to detect the presence of individuals. The level of sensitivity can detect when a person walks in or out of a space, helping to altert to unusual activity.

Public spaces such as shops and shopping centres, exhibition halls and event venues have the need to keep their patrons comfortable. Monitoring temperature both inside and outside, as well humidity and light levels will help provide an overview of the current comfort level in your space. You can set optimum levels for your sensors so that you are alerted if the levels go outside of these parameters but also with this data you can understand any patterns in fluctuations or drops to help manage your space more effectively.