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KIGG Consultancy

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KIGG Ltd. A leading British ISO 9001:2000 certified designer, developer and manufacturer of electrical systems for power utilities and industry. KIGG has a range of engineering services such as:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Meter Factory Start-ups
  • Quality Control / Inspections
  • Calibration services
  • Design & Development

With its main base in the UK, and offices in Asia, Middle East and Africa, KIGG is able to offer custom solutions at affordable prices.


KIGG's Core business has traditionally been in the area of Energy Metering consultancy and we have an excellent track record in providing Energy Metering technology (Digital and Smart) up to including AMI system design.KIGG offers a unique combination of consultancy and long term technical support, that allows a client to achieve their project goals in a flexible and affordable way.

Whether this is a factory start-up, an AMI project or a loss reduction project KIGG's team of highly skilled consultants, engineers, skilled programmers and designers can lead you to project success.

KIGG's team has the necessary experience and knowledge to make any project a success, including but not restricted to:

* Feasibility studies
* Competitive evaluations & costing of existing products
* Competitive project bidding and implementation
* R&D, (technologies)
* Factory start-up services,
* Management services
* Inspection services.
* On-going audit and quality control
* Training services
* Component sourcing
* Recruiting of KEY staff
* Compliance with International Standards

Life Certification

KIGG has in house facilities for full reliability prediction in accordance with IEC 62059-41 (2003): Electricity metering equipment – Dependability-Reliability prediction, with KEMA verification if required. Thus allowing the client to determine the reliability level required.

Testing and Calibration

KIGG has in house testing and calibration facilities including a 20 position Single and Three phase ICT test console and a 0.01% Comparator