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KIGG Access Control

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Access Control

The Kigg remote access system enables secure keyless access to rooms, homes, offices or any building. The lock is activated through mobile comms and bluetooth, meaning a phone (smart or not) can act as your key, and grant access to others without the need for you to physically be there.

We have created systems and products for the following types of locks:

Euro Profile Cylinder

Euro Profile cylinder locks are by far the most popular means of locking todays modern homes as well as many commercial sites including schools, academies and hospitals.

Mortice / Strike Latch
Cam / Barrel

Access and Control with SMS

SMS Access Control

SIM cards are extremely effective for device control and management - they are cheaper than ever to purchase and run, and using mobile comms doesn’t mean high data costs.

In the UK we can struggle with data network coverage, but SMS doesn’t doesn’t rely on 3, 4, or 5G—it can be sent from anywhere in the world and with excellent coverage in place it is a relevant, reliable and low-cost way to introduce data collection and control. SMS doesn’t rely on Wifi coverage—so wherever you are, a city or remote location, SMS is are far more reliable service.

The benefit of using texting connectivity is that unlike Wifi connected networks, it is not accessible to internet hackers in the same way. With mobile networks using their own security as well as the security built into our system, we provide a multi-layered approach to keep access in the right hands.

The device arrangement is flexible and the choices of set up will depend on the type of application. It can be mains or battery powered and can have an integrated or dissociated arrangement. Integrated arrangements have everything in the device, directly attached to the locking mechanism; dissociated arrangements split the modem and the locking functions through bluetooth.

Bridging the Gap with Bluetooth

For a Bluetooth arrangement the device itself will be supported by a plug-in bridge that uses mains power enabling it to be always on and be the parent recipient of all data comms. Once it receives an activation message it connects to the battery powered door lock via bluetooth to unlock the door. This way means that the door lock itself does not require wires to connect it to a power supply.

Bluetooth Access Control


Secure Remote Access Control

Security is a primary concern for us, so the locking mechanism is a closed circuit of one-to-one activation either by text or bluetooth and only paired devices can enable the lock.
This means that while you can permit others with a digital ‘key’ with their phone, you can also revoke this access through your personal management functions with the device.


Using a bluetooth bridge enables the lock devices to be very low power because the door lock itself will only use power infrequently when it is activated by the bluetooth bridge.
Low power usage means the integrated battery will last for over 10,000 actions and lock-outs due to a loss of battery power can be easily avoided through a low power message automatically sent from the device to your phone or management system.

Low Power Access Control

Scalable Management

Our system is designed to be scalable for large numbers of devices and access keys. A commercial / enterprise level system offers a comprehensive level of insight and managment for monitoring and access control. This includes an integrated web-based SIM management interface via a web
browser that can be accessed on any device, to enable users to have control and an oversight whilst on the go.


Each device can provide a log of who accessed it and when, as well as give status updates to check locks are closed. The SIM managment dashboard will also provide insight into indiviudal data use and provide a clear view into costs for reporting.

Acess that adapts to changing needs

Whether a tenant, housemate, or former partner moves out or in; you have guests arriving late to their holiday let; or an employee needs to access the building outside office hours, you can control access through the dashboard system or for individuals, through your phone.

Set time and date restrictions, or even allows you to open your door from your car whilst its raining, so you can go straight in without fumbling with keys. With additional options like: activation of a buzzer to let the person know the door is open; keep lock open for a number of seconds to allow for a delayed entry; and a re-lock mechanism so that the door cannot be opened once closed, you can customise your lock system to suit your lifestyle and needs.


Home security is always important but the remote lock system not only provides additional security layers, it also enables the remote management of access and temporary access.
It’s ideal for granting entry to children, family members, dog walkers, babysitters, cleaners, tradespersons and house-sitters without worrying about copying keys, giving them out and not getting them back or people losing them.

Flats / Apartments

Managing tenants can be difficult for landlords and property
managers, particularly with regular changes in tenancy, meaning regular viewings and the need for access for agents.
The replacement, collection and management of keys as well as over all security for both the building and individual apartments can be expensive and time consuming. Using a remote lock system can enable a far simpler managment of large numbers of apartments and buildings, with a dashboard to faciliate the permissions and paramters for access as well as a clear overview of SIM usage and costs.

Holiday Homes

Owners, landlords and managers of holiday homes both in the UK and abroad have the difficult job of being in all places at once.
With our remote system you don’t need to worry if guests are arriving late or you have a tight turn around; you can ensure everyone has the right access, whilst providing security and a flexible level of service.

Housing Communities

The remote, time restricted and keyless access is perfect for housing communities for the aged, ill or infirm, especially for access for carers and cleaners, as there isn’t the need for a huge selection of keys, or keys getting lost. The security level also means it helps ensure safety for those living in those communities as the access is only given to specific devices and cannot be copied like a physical key.
Remote access means that any housing managers can provide access to someone without physically being present if the community is fairly large, like student villages.

Offices / Businesses

Offices and businesses will often have an access control system into the building, through ID badges, swipe cards, NFC tags etc as well as security levels for access restriction to specific rooms or floors.

Our system will help to reduce plastic usage by integrating a person's existing device into their access keyrather than businesses having to pay out for an ID access card for each employee or replacement IDs. This not only helps reduce waste but helps to stop copying of keys as this is restricted to the device itself.

Access levels can be remotely altered, whether someone has left the company, or they need to work late or have new privilages grated for a set time, this can be all updated online and remotely without the need for reprogramming a card or providing additional passes.

Clubs / Private events

As with businesses, private clubs and events require access control. These are often done through ID cards or tickets, but with our system no additional cards or tickets are required—it is all contained on an individuals device.
Electronic tickets still require to be produced and scanned, where as with our system, direct access to unlock a door when your device has been granted the privilage is a far simpler way of managing access. This access can be time and date restricted, for off peak gym users or attendees to a one off event. The remote management of this will also enable you to see who has accessed the lock and when, making it a clear system for crowd control and for knowing who has come into the facility or event for safety, security or even marketing and membership purposes.


Lockers are becoming ever more popular with customers in shopping centres, as well as a staple in places of work, gyms, airports and train stations.

Currently with most systems, to obtain a locker you must be present, use a touch-pad dashboard and either enter a login or continue through a payment system. With a remote access system, we would enable the ability to remotely control and monitor the use and access to lockers, such as online reservation which can be done through an individuals phone, or even managed manually through the dashboard system by a bookings co-ordinator. With everything online, payments can also be processed through mobile payments, and there is a greater visability of availability or even to know when the busiest times are.

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