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The years of R&D activity undertaken by KIGG engineers in creating country specific digital and "Smart" meters has been taken into a number of successful spin-off areas. Some of these have been through in-house initiatives whilst others have been due to approaches from other companies wishing to apply the innovative engineering know-how of the KIGG team in their products.

Modern Smart meters are made up of a core measurement, computing and display architecture together with a selection of communication subsystem that have a software protocol or "stack" and a physical hardware module to undertake the actual data transmission and reception.

KIGG has developed a range of highly reliable billing and pre-pay metering solutions for clients based on a variety of protocols, including sub-sets of the well known Internet protocol suite, TCPIP. Together with hardware layers that include WiFi, Zigbee, Bluetooth, 3G/4G technologies and even NFC Smart cards, KIGG have developed the ability to turn stand alone digital meters into highly configurable embedded systems that can become part of a networked "Smart Grid" arrangement.

The engineering skills and knowledge required to make these micro measurement and control systems securely networkable is now being deployed in other areas through partnership and collaboration programmes with clients wishing to both develop new applications and retrofit "Smart" technologies to legacy devices to enhance their traditional offerings and bring them into the IoT era.

Examples of the use cases of the technology platform include low cost resource (eg electricity, water) and visitor management systems at attractions, events and accommodation units that use keypad, NFC and voice control functions together remote-access entrance systems.

Coupling these distributed IoT functions with a network server or cloud based data management programme provides substantial opportunities to both enhance user experiences and provide analytics for business development.

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