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Three-Phase 3CTPTM Meter

3 Phase CT/PT Multifunctional. There is a wide range of three-phase CT/PT connected electronic 3 phase 4 wire and 3 phase 3 wire meters, of Cl. 1, Cl. 0.5 and Cl. 0.2. Including four quadrant meters, multifunction meters, summation meters etc.

Modifications such as other terminal arrangements, voltages and currents are available. Further details are available on request
The Three Phase meters are fully programmable and very powerful meters, which can satisfy your most demanding request. Its reliable performance under heavy load and high harmonic conditions makes it a superb choice as the gate of power station or large power consumer.

The typical features include:

  • Active, reactive and maximum demand.
  • Extremely low power consumption for voltage and current circuit.
  • Impulse voltage of 8KV.
  • Wide operation range of voltage.
  • Transparent terminal cover for easy observation of wiring.
  • 5 LED lights for active and reactive power, alarm, infrared send and receive.
  • LCD display with 6 integers and 2 decimals.
  • Laser imprint series number.
  • Measured quantities.
  • Forward and reverse active energy measurement.
  • Reactive four quadrants.
  • Maximum demand can only be collected by PC or HHU.
  • Tariff Structure.
  • 4 tariffs.
  • 8 segment tables.
  • 12 time segment per day.
  • 12 time zones.
  • 250 holidays.
  • Communication interface.
  • RS485 and infrared interface.
  • Seal.
  • 2 for meter cover, 1 for set-up button and 2 for terminal cover.
  • Current and voltage of each phase.
  • Total and each phase active and reactive power.
  • Total and each phase power factor.
  • Real time parameter can only be collected by PC or HHU.