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Pre-paid Single Phase 1PHMT

Pre-paid Single Phase electronic meter with impulse output. Single phase, class 1, electronic meter with impulse output, backlight and BS terminals. For residential and light commercial application.

  • 240V, 10(100)A, 50Hz
  • Display: Six digit LCD with each digit 8mm high and 4mm wide. Two additional decimal digits exist, operated via a button for dial (register) testing. Backlight facility is included and operated via an external button. Reset of register is possible via a sealed button.
  • Bi-directional. The energy displayed/measurement is the total of both forward and reverse energy flow.
  • An LED is provided for measuring the accuracy of the meter and a second LED is provided to indicate reverse energy flow.

Modifications such as other terminal arrangements, voltages and currents etc are available. Further details are available on request.

A wide range of single phase and three phase prepayment meters are available.