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Water Meter Factory Start-up

In addition, KIGG Ltd also has the specialist knowledge and expertise to allow technology transfer for a water meter factory start-up. Similar to the electricity meter factory start-up model, but focused more on precision mechanical engineering and industrial equipment.

Originally in drink based AMR and fluid measurement field KIGG Ltd. now offers full support for household water meter manufactures, from the traditional water meter to state of the art water meters and systems.

A full range of services are available including; feasibility studies, meter design / customisation, project conceptualisation, equipment procurement, component procurement, local training, quality control services and marketing/customer support. Although the preferred approach is the gentle immersion into technology over time, commercial considerations such as import duties often force a deeper technology start up. Please see our electricity meter factory start-up project for an Idea on our technical, business and service support we can provide.

In many countries water meters are used for residential/commercial buildings and in a public water supply system. They also have a function at the water source/through the water system to determine the flow through that particular portion.
We can help you to manufacture both rate-of-flow and total usage meters. As with electricity meters, water meters are generally owned, read and maintained by a public water provider rather than the private individual.

The primary function of water meters is to allow the water company to measure each customer’s water usage. Additionally water meters can also be used at designated points of a process of which water is important and can help in noting where water leaks are occurring.

There are two methods of flow measurement for water meters; displacement and velocity. Displacement meters are often used in residential and small commercial applications and are not suitable for large commercial applications. Whereas, velocity meters are suitable for large commercial applications.

KIGG is able to offer a wide range of services for a Water Meter factory start-up including:

Feasibility Studies

This study will rationally uncover whether your project is viable. There are many aspects to investigate including; technology and system, operational and schedule feasibility. The results from the feasibility studies will be detailed in a feasibility study report. The feasibility study report will detail the evaluation criteria, the findings and our recommendations.

Water Meter Design

We can tailor the design of the water meter to your   individual requirements.

Water Metering Standards

We can help you manufacture water meters to meet both national standards and international standards. We will help you achieve ISO4064 International Standards for water meters.


We will assist in identifying all the processes/stages required for water meter manufacturing and therefore we can determine the best design/layout of the factory and the equipment that you will require.

Testing and Calibration

Testing and Calibration will be required to ensure that the water meters are working and that they are functioning correctly. The Calibration equipment needed will vary depending on the type of water meter being manufactured.

Quality Control

We will implement quality control procedures throughout the meter manufacturing process to ensure certain standards are met.

If the meters fail to meet these rigorous requirements at any stage of the production process, the meter will be send to the repairs department.

Water Meter Factory Start Up

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AMR Water Meter AWM

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